Thursday, June 07, 2007


Hello my bloggings bestfriends!

Today, I communicating to you with the internets. (Thank you, Al Gores for invent! Also, for your global warmings. It very cold in Kazakh, so I like a very much.)

I tell to you a wonderful thing I find on this electronic highways. It a called "999 Borats" - this a very premium number of me! In my country, Minister of Mathematics and Horse Science, Uri Bobshalaveletzakin dictate all number is below 1,000 because government like save money on superfluous comma markings. Since this is police-enforced law, I am agree!

This is project I discover, make by artist Oli Goldsmith. He is big #1 fan of a Borat! He like my journalisms of culture and decide to make a 999 paintings original of me! I like a very much Oli Goldsmith! I wish to him great success and access to American vagin.

This make to me and my family a very proud. If Oli Goldsmith make journey to Kazakh, my father is promise to him give choice of my sister Barbarella (very much sex!), brother Bilo (he is retard) or donkey (sometimes she kick testi-satchel, but she nice) - he make a good choose!

I hope to you make visit to this World Wide Web pages, where you find more and purchase this paintings. They make you tie a rooms together, very nice design for metrosexuals. If you show to a nice lady, she is have immediate romance explosion - this is guarantee!

Thank you Oli Goldsmith for make painting of me. I hope you get a very much sexytime propositions from internets web cam ladies with this project. Maybe you meet Lyndsey Lohans. High five!

Borat Sagdiyev

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