Saturday, June 09, 2007

It Really Ties The Room Together

Good news, friends. I finally got some furniture in my living room. It's actually starting to look like a place where a human might want to live.

The couch is long enough to pass out on after stumbling home at 4am and if I ever want to sit by the window and page through the latest copy of Hustler, there's a lovely chair by the window as well. Not to mention the highly shaggable shag rug and my coffee table that looks like it was designed by Powell-Peralta.

Now, if only I had some goddamn curtains on the windows. Ah well, Rome wasn't curtained in a day, I suppose.

Cell phone pic (sandals not included):

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

two points:
* I am a couch snob and I like your furniture
* I can totally see myself drinking rum and cokes/frosties with you on that furniture! If that doesn't say approval, I don't know what does...