Friday, June 08, 2007

TGINTWA - Thank God It's Not This Week Anymore!

Man, on a scale of one to shitty, this week was explosive diarrhea. From start to finish, it was textbook awful. As the corpse of this week is lowered into the earth, I spit on its grave!

Okay, okay, enough of that imagery. Yikes, what's wrong with this guy?

Time for some comedy. I think I'll have some of this tonight (which is to say, comedy and Scotch!)

Also, if you're anything like me (and I sincerely hope for your sake you're not), you've often wondered what it might look like when the Misfits tend to their landscaping. Well, it's the weekend, so it's time to take care of the yard, people! I think it might look something like this:

Have a nice weekend, my Funions.

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