Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When Rad Things Happen To Good People

I'm ecstatic, ladies and germs.

Remember when I told you there was going to be a new Elliott Smith collection released this spring?

Well, it's been officially announced! Check it out HERE on the P-Fork. Best story they've posted in months, in my opinion.

It's called "New Moon" and it's going to be a double cd of songs from Elliott's self-titled and Either/Or sessions (circa 1995-1997). It will also have a vinyl release.

Super geeks like me already have most of these tracks on bootleg, but I can't tell you how stoked I am to have these in official release with full stereo sound! Plus, for my fellow nerd completists, there's one never before released track on there called "All Cleaned Out." That's reason enough alone for me to buy it.

And on a day like today, when New York is blanketed in white, I think it's quite appropriate that the first track on the collection is the lovely song "Angel in the Snow."

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