Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This Just In: The Terrorists Have Already Won

Oh CNN, how you amuse me.

So, I'm sure you've all been following this Mark Foley story. At least, I hope you are. If you're not, you might wanna check your own pulse, uncle Fester. Because (albeit sadly), I hope that this, more than anything else that has happened since November 2000, may be the vital nail in the coffin that will get this rancid, stinking Bush administration tossed out on its collective asses. Maybe, one of these days. Somewhere, over the rainbow.

I'd just like to point something out that Gawker.com, in all its inifinte wisdom and quick-wittedness, has already pointed out.

Amidst the melee that has ensued as a result of ole Chester the Molester's "naughty emails" and instant message sessions with Danny the paperboy that would make Charles Nelson Reilly blush, CNN.com had the brass balls to run the following pair of headlines simultaneously.

Now balludos grandes are something we've all come to expect from the beloved Decider in Chief, but you'd think our liberally-biased media would have chosen its words more wisely. Please take a look at this:

So, what that's showing is that in the throws of one of the biggest governmental upsets since that fat chick eased some political tensions, Duhbya has the nerve to accuse the Democrats of being unfit to run Congress. Foley was having cyber sex while congressional votes were being passed, but it's the Democrats that are clearly the problem. The speaker of the house knew all about it and did nothing, but the Democrats are "soft on terror!"

You know what? If the Democrats can't come away winners in this situation, I'm inclined to side with George Junior on this one! They aren't fit to run Congress! Not if they can't use this to their advantage. I hardly heard a peep out of them all day. At least Hastert seems to realize the jeopardy he and Foley have put his party in (taken from NYTimes.com):

“If they get to me, it looks like they could affect our election as well,” Mr. Hastert said in an interview on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.
I hope they "get to him" since he's perfectly "get-able" in this whole damn thing! If the tables were turned, you can bet your ass the Republicans would be shouting anti-Dem scare-tactics from the rooftops in every town in America.

But what have we heard from the Democrats today? Not much. And what have we heard from them in the past 6 years, after act upon act of public endangerment, supposed homeland security, misallocation of troops, blatant disregard for established law and rules of governance, misuse and abuse of power, corruption and outright lies proliferated by the Bush administration? You guessed it.

Someone said to me today that if the Democrats can't turn this one around, he'll gladly register himself as a Republican.

There was a time when I would have thought he was kidding.

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