Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Appealing To All the Darkest Corners of My Brain Simultaneously

File under "where the hell do you file stuff like this?"

Scarlett Johannson is going to record an album of Tom Waits covers. Yes, you read that right.

Don't believe me? Look here. And here.

It's called Scarlett Sings Tom Waits and it's coming out next spring from Rhino. How cool is that picture, by the way? I lifted it from the Pitchfork. Thanks, forkies.

My gut instinct tells me that this album is actually going to be kind of cool. I mean, if Tom himself endorses the idea, it can't be so bad, right? But as GOB Bluth once said, "my gut is also very hungry." I really don't know how I feel about this idea.

Do I hate it?

Do I date it?

Do I got a dyslexic heart?

I think this one falls into the "download first, then decide" category. But I must admit, I'm intrigued.

Probably for all the wrong reasons.

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