Friday, October 27, 2006

Apparently, There Are New, Funny Sheriffs In Town...

According to Page Six (and they're never wrong), Dave Letterman rips Bill O'Reilly a new one tonight.

Who knew the salty dog still had it in him!?

Now, when is Jay Leno gonna take down this other moronic blowhard???

I tell you what, if you're looking for news reporting with balls, perhaps you shouldn't turn to Steven Colbert (although I love the wiley Frenchman). No, if you want a real American badass, check out my boy Keith Olbermann. His wallet is the one that says "Bad Motherfucker" on it.

I guess KO isn't really funny, per se, but oh my sweet lord, how his delivery brings me joy! Do a little YouTubin' and check out his take on my high school sweetheart, Ann "The Mann" Coulter. Somebody's not getting an RNC Christmas card this year. Oh hell, here's the link, because I love you so much. And why not check out this one too.

I should also point out that Keith has a blog, aptly titled Now that is pretty funny.

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