Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I just read yesterday that one of my all time favorite gals, Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power is now going to be the face of Chanel's jewelry collection. Say what?

She's had a heckuva year, Brownie!
  1. First she puts out an album with Al Green's band that is totally out of character and surprisingly upbeat.

  2. Then, she plans a tour.

  3. She cancels the tour. (Chan, if you're reading this, you broke my heart on Valentine's day.)

  4. She checks herself in to rehab. (Then I felt bad about having my heart broken.)

  5. She cleans up and checks out. Which is nice.

  6. She then re-embarks on her tour and simultaneously rereleases her album (at a discount price, thanks a lot Matador, I bought that the first day it came out!), since it didn't get much of a promotional push, due to the aforementioned cancellation.

And now, she seems like a happy little kitty for the first time ever. It's been great to see her have such a triumphant return after what was probably a harrowing recovery experience, on top of years of alcohol and drug abuse.

Then, Karl Lagerfeld, the nutball with a ponytail and a fan, who runs Chanel, personally picks her to be their new spokeskitten. Bravo, Karl! I know you're a total fucking mental case and this will be the only time you ever hear me say something nice about you, but I really commend your choice.

I leave you with the following picture of our feline friend. You can't really blame the guy for picking her, can you? Hell, I'd start my own fashion label if I thought it would get her attention. I think the world is ready for my designer underwear. Right?

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