Tuesday, September 26, 2006

[Insert Rage Against the Machine Lyric Here]

Just wanted to share this.

I got a lovely letter in the mail yesterday. According to the New York Department of Taxation, I owe them over $850! And here I thought I was getting a refund.

The best part is, the letter said if I want to dispute their assertion (you think?), the best approach is to pay the amount first and then dispute it. If proven correct, I will be issued a refund. Is this country run by Scientologists or something??? Is this a pyramid scam???

People, I work my ass off. I take all kinds of grief in the process. I rarely have the energy to do anything when I get home from work. Often, I don't have the time either. Weekends, I don't snap out of my funk until sometime around Sunday afternoon. I give up about 40 percent of my check to taxes, all year long. I don't expense my late night cabs, dinners or anything really. I play by the book. I submit my taxes on time. I expected a refund from both federal and state.

Instead, I get a red letter from Uncle Scam.

You know, this is probably how they're paying for Iraq!

Good grief, America. I'm gonna start brushing up on my Canadian - I'm a little rusty, but I can speak enough to get by, to work an honest job, for a decent wage.


Anonymous said...

killing in the name of

D'Artagnan said...

"enough i call the bluff, fuck manifest destiny!"

Anonymous said...

my hope for you is to follow in the footsteps of tom morrello and not mr. zack de la rocha.....principles over hip hop my brutha:

Former Rage Against the Machine and current Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello was arrested yesterday on charges of "unlawful assembly." The musician and producer was one of 400 protesters arrested early Thursday evening during a march to raise awareness for immigrant hotel workers' rights.

Morello told MTV about his reasons for participating:
In these political dark ages, it's important for us to stand up for one another. These hotel workers by the airport make 20 percent less wages than hotel workers around the rest of Los Angeles. We're here to express our solidarity with them, to help them unionize and to help them close the gap between their sub-poverty wages and the millions and millions of dollars the people who own these hotels make.
Morello was expecting to be arrested, and along with other participants, gave the Los Angeles Police Department their driver's license numbers days before the event to expedite processing. About 2,000 protesters actually participated in the march,with those willing to be arrested wearing yellow signs to distinguish themselves from the others.

Morelllo is a Harvard graduate and besides his notable work in Rage Against the Machine, a busy producer responsible for music from Anti-Flag and others. He is also a member of the Axis of Justice, a charitable organization he formed with Serj Tankian of System of a Down.

D'Artagnan said...

hmm. maybe now would be a good time to point out that the whole rage/lyrics thing was meant to be ironic. :\

but thank you for visiting my little corner of the world, and for the article!