Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I See a Darkness... On Latenight with Conan O'Brien

Anybody catch Bonnie Billy on Conan last night? Lot of receding hairlines, leg kicks and funny faces. I love it. His new album "The Letting Go" is pretty effing amazing. You better scoop that.

You can check the video of his performance here: IDOLATOR

Fun fact: Andrew WK is his piano player! What happened to that guy?

I was inspired to draw the first picture I've attempted in probably more than two years. It's no Rembrandt (and I ain't no Picasso), and it kind of resembles a relative of Gimlee the dwarve from Lord of the Rings, but I'm more pleased with it than I thought I'd be. Meh. I'll keep sketching and hopefuly the work will improve. It's a goal of mine now.

I'm also working on a story that's been kicking around in my head for about 4 years now. But I'm finally feeling free enough to give it a whirl. Fingers crossed. It's loosely based on real life, but not entirely. (Kind of like me, huh kids?) I'm just putting that out there before muthfuckas get all Million Little Pieces on my ass. But I think I was waiting for a few "chapters" to close in my own life before really committing to this thing.

Which isn't to say I'm fully committing to this now, but I'm sure thinking about it.

Like how I squeaked out of any possible responsibility at the end there? Yeah, this book should be done by the time your kids put you in a nursing home. But it'll make taking your meds and getting smacked around by the nursing staff a little easier to stomach. I hope. I mean, I don't want to aim too high.®

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Bailey said...

Your drawing looks freakishly like my religion prof when I was in college.

Kevbear, I am sending you good vibes, hearts, and flowers. You also are due for cookies, hit me up when you want some. <3