Friday, September 15, 2006

I Might Actually Have a Relatively Nice Weekend

It's days like this I love the internets.

Some kind soul went and did me a solid by posting four new, previously unreleased Elliott Smith songs:

From a Poisoned Well
Talking to Mary
Let's Turn the Record Over
True Love

More info HERE.

In my universe, this is like saying Santa Claus dropped off a big bag of honey-dipped gold bars wrapped in pornography along with a tall glass of beer and a big plate of mac n'cheese, served on a tray made of chocolate and unicorn wishes by Scarlett Johannsen with that "come-hither" look in her eyes. At the beach.

Suddenly, I don't mind as much that I have to work on Saturday.

No, nevermind, that still sucks.

But at least I'm temporarily distracted. And that's all I'm really asking for in life, people. Just let me forget for a few minutes once in a while.

Is that so much to ask?

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