Tuesday, November 06, 2007

This Chair Went To Five Years of Evil Medical School

Have you people heard of this beautiful beast?

It's called "The Villain Chair" and tell me it doesn't look the part!

This is the chair that Darth Vader sits in after a long day running the Deathstar. Princess Leia was probably busting his balls, Palpatine was riding him about keeping the damn thing on budget and then his shitty kid wants to mouth off at him about why he should vote for the Green Party instead of the GOP. So he cracks open a cold one, sits down in his Villain Chair, watches reruns of the time they blew up Aalderan and dreams of a life that does not so closely resemble his own.

Looks pretty god damn good, doesn't it? Want one? It's yours for the bargain price of $7,200!

And you know what? I bet it's totally fucking worth it.

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