Sunday, November 11, 2007

Even Radiohead Has Fun Once In A While

For a band that has earned a reputation for taking themselves (and the world) rather seriously, Radiohead's appears to be having quite a bit of fun in the studio recently! Following the announcement and groundbreaking "digital-only" distribution of their new (and quite good) album "In Rainbows," they've also been releasing some fun video clips of them in the studio, playing cover songs. So far, we've seen covers of Bjork's beautiful song "Unravel" and now, a rocking version of The Smiths' angry "Headmaster Ritual."

Both are phenomenal songs to begin with, and it's really cool to see Radiohead having some fun working them out - there's actually some smiles and laughs involved! On the Smiths song especially, you can just see that these guys have probably been rocking out to this song since they were 13. It's pretty cool. Check the videos out and enjoy:

The Smiths - "Headmaster Ritual" (Originally from the Meat is Murder album)

Bjork - "Unravel" (Originally from the Homogenic album)

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