Monday, November 05, 2007

Jon Stewart: Patron Saint of the Writer's Room

Jon Stewart, you are a class act.

In the midst of this gi-normous writer's strike that is happening now (and that nobody seems to be able to stop writing about), some refreshing news appears: Jon Stewart will be personally paying his writing staff (as well as those at the Colbert Report) out of his own pocket for the next two weeks, to make sure his team is not hurt by expenses that may come up while their pay is suspended during that time. Read more HERE.

What a guy! Correction: what a smart, generous guy!

Not only is this great news for his writers, but this is a win for him and his audience too, in the long run. A paid staff is a happy staff, is a staff that doesn't quit and go somewhere else! Stewart has an award-winning writing team, and he's smart enough to realize it. This means the show will continue to be awesome, even after the strike ends, because the team will still be intact.

Bravo to Stewart, for showing solidarity and remembering what it was like when he was a writer just like them.

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