Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Honestly Mate, You Look Sterling!

To celebrate today's beautiful news, I'd like to share the following clip with ye's, mates. It's from a film called This Is England and, to quote the scene you're about to watch, it's "absolutely brilliant." (Granted, it's not always a pretty picture, and it does deal with some sinister concepts, but so does life, doesn't it?)

Check out this link for background info on the film, pictures, etc. It takes place in the UK, during the Thatcher administration and The Falklands War (which feels eerily like our current American situation). Click these links if that doesn't mean anything to you, because it definitely pays to know the back story before you go see this.

Alright then, mate, let's see yer Ben Sherman, then, go on!

1 comment:

Diego Montoya said...

I gotta check this shite out, tho I'll most definitely get misty, due to my early 90s time at The Pipeline at Oi! shows.