Wednesday, August 15, 2007

And For Dinner: Sautéed Bald Eagle In A Freedom Reduction

You have to admit, there's something so right (and by that, I of course mean horribly wrong) about Karl Rove going dove hunting after announcing his departure from the White House yesterday.

You know, doves? The internationally acknowledged symbol for peace, love and understanding? Makes sense that Manboobs the Destroyer would want to shoot them to pieces.

Well, now he's got muthafucking P to the E to the T&A (PETA for short) on his ass! And with a target that big, he better watch out or they'll pop an all-vegan, torture-free, green-friendly cap in it.

(By the way, get it, 'Freedom reduction'? Because he's an evil tyrant who has helped to destroy America for the past 6.5+ years! And reduction is also a kind of sauce! Tee hee!)

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