Friday, March 16, 2007

Well, That Makes (N)One of Us

Georgie boy was quoted in the Washington Times this morning, talking about how he's blazing a path for the Republican party to reclaim the house, senate, intergalactic star fleet and rebuild the Death Star.

My favorite part:
"I'm optimistic about this country. You've got to know something about your president: I am some kind of optimistic about where we're headed."

Some kind of optimistic. Shitty grammar aside (and one must always cast that aside with our Decider), wasn't that the name of a John Hughes film from the 80's?

Who am I kidding. Our whole country has turned into one big John Hughes film.

But if that's the case, where is John Bender? Where is the (anti) hero of our film? We need a beguiling, mischievous hooligan to kick us in the ass and hold the mirror up to expose our country's vanity, elitism, insecurity, neurosis and hypocrisy.

Or at least so we can bum some doobage.

And yes, I did just imply that the characters in the Breakfast club are some kind of microcosm for the stereotypes of American society. But I ain't the first to do it, and I sure as shit ain't gonna be the last.

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