Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pay To The Order Of: Awesome!

This is one of the coolest things that's happened to me in ages.

A while back, I bought a copy of Unknown Passage, the Dead Moon documentary. If you haven't heard of this film or of Dead Moon, you are really missing out! There was a great compilation of theirs that came out on Sub Pop not too long ago, and you can buy their other records and gear HERE. They're incredibly nice and unbelievably dedicated people. Oh, and their music totally fucking rocks! I almost forgot.

Anyway, I placed an order for the DVD. Well, I must have sent too much shipping, because tonight I came home to see the package had arrived, and inside was the DVD and a check for $5 from Tombstone Music, their record label.

Best of all: in the memo on the check, it says:

and it's signed by Kathleen Alice "Toody" Cole!!!!!

Maybe I'm a huge dork (yeah, maybe), but I think this is the coolest thing ever!

I think I'm going to let them hold on to that $5 and put this baby in a frame! It's a real beauty.

D for Disaster,

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