Monday, March 10, 2008

The Wire, R.I.P.

Last night was the series finale of The Wire. Man, I am really going to miss that show.

The finale brought a mix of resolution and disillusionment. Some characters got what was coming to them, and some got away with everything all over again. Although some of these results were disappointing or sad, in the end, it all felt honest and true to life. Which is what the show was always about.

Take a look at some great coverage of the finale:
  • The New York Times
  • The Baltimore Sun (perhaps a bit prickly about how they were portrayed this season)
  • The Onion AV Club (and a separate interview with creator David Simon HERE)
  • Time Magazine (a colletive op-ed from the Wire writing team, calling for some good old fashioned American dissent in response to the drug war's impact on the US prison system)

Also, for more backstory on this excellent program, please see my previous post about it. I can't recommend a TV show more - buy, rent or steal these DVDs if you have to! It's a show that simply shouldn't be missed.

As detective Kima Greggs said in a recent episode, as she tucked her adopted son (and the entire city of Baltimore) in for bed:

Goodnight moon,
Goodnight stars,
Goodnight po-pos,
Goodnight fiends,
Goodnight hoppers,
Goodnight hustlers,
Goodnight scammers,
Goodnight to everybody,
Goodnight to one and all.

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