Friday, May 18, 2007

Inspiring Words From A Man Who Knows How To Ski

"I do have one bit of advice for you, though Grace. Take the time in school to learn a foreign language. I myself never did , and I feel I've paid a price for it. "
- Anthony, as played by Luke Wilson, in Bottle Rocket
Friends, I just returned from Montreal, and boy, is my wallet tired. I think I dropped a college tuition there this weekend on a bevy of different kinds of entertainment. Some of which is not appropriate to discuss on the internets. My grandmother might read this.

The point is, mes petits choues, is Montreal is a bilingual city, in the midst of a bilingual province, in the midst of a bilingual country. You never know when a little French will come in handy. And come in handy, it did, mes amis.

I'd llike to thank the following people for making that possible: Madame Helmy, Monsieur Miller, Madame Bosco, Madame Chalupa and a host of other college professors whose names I've long since forgotten. I like to think of these people as more than just people. I like to think of them as French Teachers! Merci, professeurs. Merci pour tout!

Yes, much like my perennial hero Lane Meyer will tell you: sometimes, the secret to success can be attained through nothing more than Language Lessons. Yes, language lessons.

Keep that in your back pockets, my wayward travelers. Ne l'oublier pas jamais! You never know when the old Latin Roots will come in handy.

Just make sure you've also got plenty of cash on you too. That's also important in life. And in Montreal.

Until next time, tell Anthony I love him.*

*More Bottle Rocket fun