Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Brett Wilson's 115th Beer

Dear Pals,

My friend Brett is pretty artsy. If you are around this weekend, you should come to Jersey City and see some of his wares. He is curating a show at the inimitable Residue Gallery with several of my other friends this weekend. The theme of the show is that everyone had to create a piece about Brett. So look at the pictures below and decide if you can handle all that handsome.

Big kickoff party on Friday too, so wear some plaid and show your Jersey City pride (plaid is the official and preferred color, flag and garment of JC, dontchaknow).

Your Pal

PS - I will not be here for this show, regrettably. I will be in Montreal drinking alcohol and paying nice ladies to dance, along with some of the aforementioned artists.

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