Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No Gnus Is Good Gnus

Or something like that.

Hey kids. Sorry, no updates for a while, I know. Still no internets and work has been 10 - 13 hour days lately (fun!). We did get a plasma screen TV though, which is certainly worth noting. Next we get HD cable for it and then comes the internets. When that happens, watch your ass, blogosphere. Wow, I really hate that fucking word.

So much I'd love to write about too - people I've seen, turkeys I've eaten, shows I've been to, movies I've watched, etc. - but it will have to wait. Hopefully around December 8 or so, I'll be able to start acting like a normal person again. Till then... snowball's chance in hell.

If you're feeling down or depressed, watch a Twin Peaks episode on DVD with your new plasma screen TV. That's really been working for me lately. I've been listening to the theme song on repeat for the last hour and it really relaxes me. You can listen to it HERE.

I leave you with this quote, from Arthur Schopenhauer:

"If we were not all so interested in ourselves, life would be so
uninteresting that none of us would be able to endure it. "

Yeah, that's the kind of stuff I like to put on this site.



Sarah said...

ooooh...twin peaks. i never did see the 2nd season. go netflix!

Anonymous said...

The movie is really weird but the show is fabulous!
I'm doing the same with netflix lately and six feet under...yum.

D'Artagnan said...

Yeah, I've not seen the second season of the Peaks either. I'm not holding my breath either. Those cats are taking their time with it.

Hey Bailz - did you see they've packaged the ENTIRE 6FU series on DVD? I think I died and went to... a place that lets you watch a show about people who die. Hmm.