Friday, November 03, 2006

A Ledge of One's Own

Oh my brothers and only friends,

Bear with me for a short time. I have recently relocated my ledge and the current abode does not yet have the internets on it. (I didn't even know there were still places like that left in the world.)

So for the time being, I'm only going to be able to post stuff while I'm at work and that's tough to pull off.

But know that I am thinking of you often and missing you very much.

Hell, I need you. I'm a mess without you. I miss you so damn much. I miss being with you, I miss being near you. I miss your laugh. I miss your scent; I miss your musk. In fact, when this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together. Even though I just got a new one this week.

Okay, thanks for stopping by. I'll be back soon enough hopefully and maybe I'll even have some new content that I didn't swipe from Champ Kind.


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